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Welcome to my blog, Mystical Faction. I write novels and novellas in the Shadowlands series using the nom de plume Etienne de L'Amour and dystopian sci-fi as H.M. Forester, and this blog contains details and samples of my writing, together with my inspirations, trials, tribulations, and random thoughts.

The genre in which I generally write is mystical faction, hence the blog title. This is a blend of fact and fiction, based on fact which is spun-out and woven into a fabric containing elements of myth and imaginative fiction.

You can download previews of the novels from our Dropbox mirror site:

Though preceded by two prequels, the best place to start the Shadowlands series is book 3, Escape From the Shadowlands.

The books in the Shadowands series are:

1. The Lost Treasure of Roth Nagor. Historical prequel.
2. Life on the Flipside (or In Two Minds). Prequel.
3. Escape from the Shadowlands.
4. In Search of Destiny.
5. The Lucian Uprising.
6. Time and Time again. Not published as yet.
7. The Gift.
8. The Host and the Guests.
9. Whisperings of Love.
10. The Insiders: Exploring the higher realms of possibility. A standalone book.

Read some background info about the Shadowlands and sources of inspiration here.

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