Sunday, 9 March 2014

Free review copies of Etienne de L'Amour and H.M. Forester's ebooks

Review copies of all the current ebooks by Etienne de L'Amour and H.M. Forester, published by Sher Point Publications, UK, are now no longer available except on an individual basis. Sorry.

King's Fellows Garden, Cambridge, England

However, you can still buy the books at just $2.99 each from Amazon (or the nearest permitted equivalent outside the US).

For more details see the blog post: "Which are the best books to read first?" I'd particularly recommend In Search of Destiny (mystical adventure) and Game of Aeons (soft scifi / virtual reality).

Above all else, enjoy!

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Image: Sculpture by Barbara Hepworth in Cambridge/U.K. (King's Fellows Garden).
Photographic credit: Attila Malarik from Cambridge, United Kingdom.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons:

Saturday, 8 March 2014

What do you make of Katie Hopkins?

Katie Hopkins is a British tabloid newspaper columnist and television personality who has become notorious for her controversial opinions on the woes of modern society. She is especially active on the social media network Twitter, where she appears to be waging a crusade or a psychological and ideological warfare campaign, under the Twitter handle @KTHopkins.

For her part, Katie Hopkins maintains that she is 'telling it like it is'; giving voice to opinions that she believes society really thinks but is afraid to or too politically correct (PC) to openly talk about; and that it's 'all panto'. I'll let you decide.

Katie Hopkins' twitter profile

Like Marmite (a popular brand of yeast extract), some love her for bravely stating and standing by her beliefs, and for what they see as her brutal honesty and for her wit; while others hate her for what they in turn see as attention-seeking, narcissistic, monochromatic and inflammatory right wing views. She is nothing if not provocative and divisive.