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(4) In Search of Destiny (Shadowlands)

In Search of Destiny kindle ebook
In Search of Destiny is set in the disparate realms of the Outlands; Sher Point, the metropolis of the Freelands, and the mystical kingdom of Narayana in the East.

It tells the story of Conrad Harper, who sets out one day to search for his destiny and heart's true desire; of the help offered him by a mysterious organization known simply as the Network; his journeys with the Master of the Tradition, Tenzing Jangbu Rinchen, and of his finding romance, ancient knowledge, unfettered awareness and wholeness of being.

And it shows how ordinary and everyday experiences, which we tend to take for granted and often do not value, can be brought into service and woven together into a rich tapestry with an altogether higher purpose.

In Search of Destiny is book 4 in the Shadowlands series. No real harm will be done by reading this book first.

In Search of Destiny is now available for free download as an epub or mobi ebook from our web site.

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Another exciting and thought-provoking book in the Shadowlands series, November 9, 2013
By Omar

This is Book 4 in the Shadowlands series but can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone book.

Conrad Harper lives in the Outlands and has grown up with a mother determined that he grow up to be a 'normal' person, a person with a permanent job, who marries and raises his children. But Conrad's father wants something different for him; to go out into the wider world, to reject a humdrum lifestyle and seek a better future. From an early age Conrad has been told tales by his father, tales from an ancient oral tradition said to contain a subtle knowledge.

Then comes the day when Conrad's father dies, leaving Conrad expected to be the 'man of the house.' Having thus committed himself to a life of drudgery one day he meets an old lady, a Traveller, who tells Conrad to leave his home and country and to go in search of his destiny.

Thus begins Conrad's adventures in the Freelands, the city of Sher Point and the mystical land of Narayana.

The story rocks along as any good adventure story should, but with an added bonus of the sprinkling throughout of bits of wisdom, guidance offered to readers, to make of what they will. The stories Conrad's father told him begin to come alive.

Does Conrad find his Destiny? To find out I highly recommend you read this most interesting and enjoyable book!

Gets you thinking about where your life is going, October 19, 2013
By Brendan Addison

If you have ever wanted more in life than programmed work, entertainment, economy-worship, and political sideshows, you'll love this book. Etienne de l'Amour is busily creating stories that give you a bit of a kick start to get out of your ruts and on with your destiny. What is destiny? I can't say exactly, but it definitely gets me moving when I remember it! The story is about Conrad, who is a lot like most of us - stuck in a dead-end life, wishing for more. What I like about the book is the guidance it seems to give, indirectly, for where to find your own way onto the road to destiny. I got my copy free as a review copy, but I would have paid for it easily knowing what I know now!


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