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• If you like Doris Lessing or Idries Shah, you might like Escape From the Shadowlands • Will Marie and Dillon awaken and remember their mission? Can the mystic Network help them?

• If you like George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, or the NSA's Prism surveillance programme grabs you, you might like The Dissidents • Ever fearful of being discovered or "outed" for dissident tendencies, these people work secretly to preserve simple human pleasures and traditions in a dystopian world.

• If you like The Matrix, you might like Game of Aeons • Can gaming veteran Ellie save Robin from his addiction and deep immersion in virtual reality • When do games become reality? Or is "reality" a game?

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One common thread running through all our novels is the help given in times of need by #SecretFriends.

The Shadowlands series by Etienne de L'Amour

A list of all the Shadowlands books.
1. The Lost Treasure of Roth Nagor. Historical prequel. ★★★★★
2. Life on the Flipside (or In Two Minds). Prequel.
3. Escape from the Shadowlands. ★★★★★
4. In Search of Destiny.
5. The Lucian Uprising.
6. Time and Time Again.
7. The Gift. ★★★★★
8. The Host and the Guests.
9. Whisperings of Love.
10. The Insiders: Exploring the higher realms of possibility. A standalone book. ★★★★★

Social realism by Etienne de L'Amour

Thank You, I Understand.

Science fiction by H.M Forester

A list of H.M. Forester's books
The Dissidents: A novella. ★★★★★
Game of Aeons: A short novel ★★★★★ (21 April 2013)

Book reviews

There are a number of reviews of books by Etienne de L'Amour and H.M. Forester at our web site, taken from Amazon US and UK.

May 2017 Update

You can now download ALL of our ebooks from our web site, and read them for free. Though marked as "review copies", there are actually no strings attached.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for your kind ratings and reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. Short reviews of just a couple of sentences are much appreciated!

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