Sunday, 14 April 2019

In Search of Destiny (2019) by Etienne de L'Amour

The mystical adventure, In Search of Destiny, the second book in the series which I wrote ten years ago under the pseudonym Etienne de L'Amour, has been revised, edited, reformatted and has now been republished for the Kindle on 14 April 2019.

Although preceded by the mystical sci-fi adventure Escape from the Shadowlands, this is a stand-alone book and may be read first.

The book is available for download at:
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In Search of Destiny is set in the disparate realms of the Outlands; Sher Point, the metropolis of the Freelands, and the mystical kingdom of Narayana in the East.

It tells the story of Conrad Harper, who sets out one day to search for his destiny and heart’s true desire; of the help offered him by a mysterious organization known simply as the Network; his journeys with the Master of the Tradition, Tenzing Jangbu Rinchen, and of his finding romance, ancient knowledge, unfettered awareness and wholeness of being.

And it shows how ordinary and everyday experiences, which we tend to take for granted and often do not value, can be brought into service and woven together into a rich tapestry with an altogether higher purpose.

Any help with spreading the message would be an enormous help and greatly appreciated. Thank you!