Sunday, 27 May 2012

Documents by and about the Sufi Idries Shah

A number of old, rare short PDF documents by and about the writer, thinker and Sufi teacher, Idries Shah are available from our web site.

The documents are:
  • Account of the Sarmoun Brotherhood by Major Desmond R. Martin.
  • Declaration of the People of the Tradition and Twenty-two Principles by Idries Shah.
  • First Year Studies: notes in response to 'Learning How to Learn.'
  • A Gnat's Weight: From 'The Diffusion of Sufi Ideas in the West.'
  • Grand Sheikh of the Sufis: Human Behavior article.
  • Idries Shah Addresses New alpha”: Notes on an address to class leaders.
  • Notes on a Meeting with Idries Shah: Notes on a letter reporting a meeting with Idries Shah in the early days.
  • One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers: Transcript of the BBC documentary by Idries Shah.*
  • The Philosophy of Developmental Change: A 1976 introduction to the Philosophy of Developmental Change (PDC), by DWG.
  • Sufi Texts: Awakening by Idries Shah.
  • The Sufi Tradition: Psychology Today article (originally entitled The Shah of Sufis).
  • The Teaching Story: Observations on the Folklore of Our 'Modern' Thought by Idries Shah.
  • The Wisdom of Sufic Humor: Human Nature article by Idries Shah.
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* The video of the BBC documentary One Pair of Eyes: Dreamwalkers is available on Idries Shah's Youtube channel. There's also a convenient playlist for the ten parts of the documentary.

Idries Shah is one of Etienne de L'Amour's main influences for the Shadowlands series of novels.

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  1. This is a VERY useful list.

    Especially for those who already read the currently available Shah books. The ones which are kept in print may be considered the most important by the Shah Estate.

    One can supplement with the rare stuff after reading what is easily available. Looking just for the unusual may be a form of what Shah called "spiritual tourism".

    First things first.

    But then again, some of these here may be a good start as well. I know a group which started serious studies of Sufi psychology with the "Gnat's Weight..."

    There are no mechanical rules in Sufism. It is widening and deepening of one's consciousness of the surroundings and how all this can be be seen through various patterns, some of which are more important than others. The most visible patterns are perhaps NOT the most important.

    With time and practice, if one is HONESTLY interested in finding what is actually there rather than promoting one's own point of view (arrived at rather randomly) one can start seeing more and more, and better and better.

    The above may be perhaps one way of formulating in words the purpose of human existence.

    Try for yourself. As sincerely as you can.

    1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out the documents. Much appreciated.

  2. dropbox page does not exist

    1. Thanks for the heads up. Dropbox very kindly made everyone's publicly-shared folder private. I've uploaded them to another server that I run myself.